Customized Solutions

Kingkonree (KKR) offers a diverse and comprehensive range of Solid Surface products including washbasins, countertops, bathtubs, reception desks, and dining tables. Our customization services unlock infinite possibilities for your design vision.

At KKR®, we take pride in offering comprehensive customization in solid surfaces, making each product uniquely yours.

Our ACCESSIBLE DESIGNS ensure that style meets functionality, accommodating diverse needs.

With CUSTOM SIZE & SHAPE, we shape your imagination into reality, providing flexibility in design.

Our FUNCTIONAL CUSTOMIZATIONS add practical features without compromising aesthetics.

PERSONALIZED INLAY DESIGNS allow intricate patterns that resonate with your style.

TAILORED EDGE TREATMENTS provide finishing touches that enhance the visual appeal.

Finally, our VARIETY IN COLOR & TEXTURE lets you choose the perfect hue and feel for your space.

Customization in Size and Shape

KKR’s Solid Surface products such as washbasins, countertops, bathtubs, reception desks, and dining tables can be custom-tailored to specific dimensions and shapes as per the client’s design requirements and spatial constraints.

Customization in Color and Texture

KKR offers a wide range of color and texture options for their Solid Surface products. This includes Solid Surface Sheets, washbasins, countertops, bathtubs, and dining tables, enabling clients to match their chosen products with the interior decor style.

Customization in Inlay Designs

Unique design elements, including the company logos, can be embedded in Solid Surface countertops, offering an extra layer of personalization.

Customization in Edge Treatments

 The edge treatments for countertops and dining tables can be customized according to the client’s preference to achieve the desired design effect.

Functional Customizations

 Customizations catering to specific functionality requirements can be achieved in products such as reception desks with specific cable holes, built-in power outlets, and particular storage space designs. Accessory selections for bathroom and kitchen products like faucets and drainages can also be tailored to client preferences.

Humanized and Accessible Design Customizations

We incorporate design elements like grips and adjusted heights in our products for safety and comfort, catering to the elderly or those with limited mobility. We also offer customizations for barrier-free showers for enhanced safety.


Custom vs Basic

CategoryCustom Solid Surface ProductsStandard Solid Surface Products
Client’s Pricing UpsideCustom products provide a larger pricing upside for clients due to their uniqueness and personalization, adding higher value.The pricing upside for standard products is usually limited due to the high competition in the “red sea”, where similar products are abundant, leaving limited space for price increase.
Design FreedomHigh degree of design freedom, allowing for customization according to user requirements, satisfying different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, etc.The design is relatively fixed and usually cannot change dimensions, shapes, colors, and textures.
AdaptabilityHigh adaptability, capable of being customized according to specific spaces, uses, or design styles.Lower adaptability, might require adjustment of space design to fit standard products.
BrandingCompany logos or other identifiers can be added to enhance brand recognition.Specific company logos or other identifiers usually cannot be added.
UniquenessCustom products can showcase uniqueness, creating distinct design effects.Standard products are common, and might be similar to others’ products.
Production and Delivery TimeLonger production and delivery time is required as each product needs to be produced individually.Generally, the delivery time is relatively shorter due to the pre-existing inventory.
After-sales ServiceHigher level of after-sales services including installation, maintenance, and warranty, etc.After-sales services for standard products may not include installation and customized maintenance.
InnovationCustom products are more conducive to innovation, enabling the creation of unique solutions to meet specific needs.Innovation in standard products is relatively low and usually cannot meet specific needs.

Customized workflow and delivery

1.Requirement Reception: First, we receive the customer’s requirements or design drawings.

2.Requirement Discussion: We conduct in-depth discussions with customers to understand their specific needs.

3.Convert to Production Drawings: We convert the customer’s requirements or design drawings into executable production drawings.

4.Professional Advice Provision:At this stage, we provide customers with recommendations for improving and optimizing the design based on our experience and professional knowledge.

5.Drawing Revision and Optimization: We work with customers to revise and optimize the design to ensure the precision of the drawings and that they meet customer needs.

6.Color and Sample Confirmation: We confirm the color and samples of the product with customers.

7.Order Confirmation: After all the details are clear, we confirm the order with the customer.

8.Deposit Collection:After order confirmation, we collect a deposit from the customer.

9.Production Meeting Arrangement:Upon receiving the deposit, we arrange a production meeting to discuss the project, ensuring that information is consistent and flows smoothly across business, CAD, and production aspects.

10.Production Initiation:With all the information clear and consistent, we enter the production phase.

11.In-Process Inspection: During production, we inspect the product to ensure it is being accurately produced according to customer requirements.

12.Quality Inspection: After production, we carry out a quality check to ensure the product meets quality standards.

13.Product Delivery: Once all inspections are passed, we deliver the product to the customer. The delivery time of customized products is determined based on the customer’s specific requirements (such as color, quantity, project difficulty, etc.). We negotiate with the customer to confirm a delivery date acceptable to both parties.



7.How is the price of custom products calculated?

The price of custom products depends on various factors including the product’s size, shape, color, texture, and special features. Our sales team will provide a detailed quote after understanding your specific requirements.

Do you offer international shipping services? How is the freight calculated?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping services. The freight is calculated based on factors like the destination, weight, and package size.

How can I get a quote for a custom product?

You can contact our sales team through our website, phone, or email, providing your design requirements and order details. We will then provide a quote for your custom product.

Can I request to add my company's logo to the products?

Yes, we can incorporate your company’s logo or other special design elements into the products.

Can I visit your factory and choose colors and materials personally?

Yes, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory. Our team will assist you in choosing the colors and materials that best suit your needs.

Where can I see samples or cases of your previously customized products?

You can view pictures of our previously customized products on our website, or you can contact our sales team for more case information.

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