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Happy International Women’s Day!

Before the transformative policies of the 1950s, traditional roles defined women’s place in Chinese society. The landscape was vastly different, with limited opportunities for women to engage in professional or public spheres. However, the advent of gender equality initiatives marked the beginning of change. The phrase “妇女能顶半边天” (Women hold up

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Make it with Zero Silica

From 1 July 2024, Australia is set to ban on the use of engineered stone, marking a significant move as the first country worldwide to enforce such a regulation. This decision comes in response to growing concerns over the health risks associated with silica, a key component in engineered stone.

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Custom Luxury 3.5M Reception Desk – KKR Case Study

In the world of modern architecture and interior design, the reception desk stands as the first impression of a business’s brand and style. This blog unfolds the story of a custom luxury solid surface reception desk crafted by KKR. We delve into the intricate process of turning a client’s vision

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5 FAQs About Custom Integrated Sink Countertop Bathroom

What materials are commonly used for custom integrated sink countertops? Common materials used for custom integrated sink countertops include: How does a custom integrated sink countertop compare to a traditional sink and countertop? Custom integrated sink countertops offer several advantages over traditional sink and countertop setups: Benefits of Custom Integrated

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Custom Huge 3.8M Kitchen Island – KKR Case Study

— A Story You Must Read If You Are not So Familiar With Custom Kitchen Island Design — Can you believe we can start a custom project with just a single image? Yes, that’s KKR for you, the leading manufacturer of custom solid surface solutions in China. The Beginning Katty,

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Custom Cultured Marble Vanity Tops With Integrated Sinks

Have you ever considered how the choice of a vanity top can redefine the entire ambiance of a commercial space? What does it say about a business when its restrooms exude elegance and luxury? Can a simple design element like a vanity top become a symbol of sophistication and attention

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KKR Study Case: Custom Made Freestanding Wash Basin White

Have you ever stood in a space transformed by a single, stunning piece of functional art? What if you could anchor your project with a centerpiece that wasn’t merely chosen, but was created, born from a unique vision tailored precisely to your specifications? KKR specializes in bringing such visions to

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What are the Options for Integrated Solid Surface Sinks?

10 years ago, the realm of bathroom sinks was dominated by classic porcelain pedestal sinks. 5 years ago, the preferences began to lean towards under-mount sinks. Today, in 2024, the focus is on solid surface integrated sinks. These integrated sinks have gained popularity for their smooth appearance and the cohesive

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