Custom Bathtub

Custom bathtubs crafted with unique materials, shapes, and designs to elevate the bathing experience for your customers.

KKR® is the leading solid surface manufacturer in China, special in custom freestanding bathtub, pedestal bathtub and clawfoot bathtub for 20+years. 

KKR Custom Bathtub Capabilities

9 Shapes of Bathtubs can be customized


KKR® offers custom bathtubs services in various shapes to suit different style preferences and space requirements:

  • Circular Bathtub
  • Oval Bathtub
  • Boat-Shaped Bathtub
  • Rectangular Bathtub
  • Embedded Bathtub
  • Free-Standing Clawfoot Bathtub
  • Free-Standing Flat-Bottom Bathtub
  • Mini Embedded Bathtub
  • Walk-In Free-Standing Bathtub
  • Sunken Bathtub


The dimensions of our custom bathtubs, including height, width, length, or diameter, can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

  • Common Bathtubs:
    • Lengths: 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.7m, 1.8m, 1.9m
    • Widths: 0.7m, 0.75m, 0.8m, 0.85m, 0.9m
    • Height: 0.58m to 0.9m, typically 0.7m
  • Circular Bathtubs:
    • Diameter typically ranges from 1.5m to 1.8m

This customization is available across various shapes and styles, ensuring that each bathtub perfectly fits the designated space and aesthetic of your project.

Custom Bathtub Dimension Overviews
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KKR® custom bathtubs are available in a variety of colors, allowing for a broad range of aesthetic choices. The color options include:

  • Whites: Design White, Glacier White, Classic White
  • Neutrals: Bisque, Beige Quartz, Cement Grey, Black, Pure 1665 Grey
  • Pastels: Soft Green, Sky Blue, Soft Pink
  • Concrete Styles: Chips Concrete, Aspen, Chips 1665 Grey, New Concrete, Neutral Concrete, Pure Concrete
  • Dark and Bold: Dove, Deep Night Sky, Lava Rock, Sparkle Night

Customization Features

  • Drainage Position: Customizable based on shape, size, and specific requirements.
  • Material Choices: Various approved solid surface materials and colors.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for different wall treatments, entrance positions, and styles.
Custom Drain Position
Custom Logo on Bathtubs

Customization Logo Options

  1. Logo on Drain Cover: Enhances the detail and luxury of your bathtub, offering a subtle yet impactful branding element.

  2. Logo on Bathtub Surface: Provides a prominent display of your brand, showcasing quality and exclusivity directly on the bathtub.

Developing The Right Bathtub

Developing the best bathtub focusing on four key elements: material, shape, design, and craftsmanship.

As a premier custom bathtub manufacturer, KingKonree has been at the forefront of introducing innovative techniques and options for over 20 years, ensuring that your brand can offer the ultimate bathing experience to your customers.

Custom Stone Bathtub in Holiday Villa


Solid surface is one of the best material for bathtubs, offering durability, aesthetic appeal, comfort, hygiene, heat retention, repairability, and eco-friendliness, enhancing both luxury and practicality in the bathing experience.


Our design team works closely with you to choose or create shapes that not only fit the space but also enhance the user’s comfort and the overall aesthetic appeal.


We believe that a bathtub is more than a utility; it’s a statement piece. Our custom designs range from minimalist modern to opulent traditional, tailored to reflect your brand’s identity and your customer’s style.


At KingKonree, our craftsmanship sets us apart in the industry. Our expert artisans master complex techniques that others can’t, ensuring each bathtub is not just visually exquisite but also surpasses the standard durability, crafting a lasting sanctuary of relaxation unmatched by others.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Custom Bathtub

Typically, we accommodate various order sizes, including small batch orders.
The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our bathtubs is set at just 5 pieces. 
Please contact us for more detailed information tailored to your project. 

The lead time for custom bathtubs depends on the complexity of the design and the current production schedule.

On average, it can range from 25-40 working days.

KKR emphasizes timely delivery and efficient manufacturing processes, we likely strive to meet client timelines effectively.We recommend discussing your timeline needs with us directly for a more precise estimate.

Yes, you can certainly customize the design of your bathtub. We offer extensive options for customization, allowing you to tailor the shape, size, and style of your bathtub to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you have a unique concept in mind or wish to modify existing designs, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life with precision and creativity. 

We can incorporate a variety of unique features or decorations into your custom bathtub. This includes custom colors, textures, integrated drainer, and more. Our design team is skilled in translating your ideas into reality, ensuring that your custom bathtub stands out with its unique features.

We offer a selection of variety of materials, including solid surface, acrylic, and terrazzo, available in an array of colors. Each material offers its unique benefits in terms of aesthetics, durability, and maintenance.


Yes, we offer color matching for the bathtub's surface, fixtures, and accessories to ensure a cohesive look that aligns with your desired color palette.

We can help you choose accessories, like faucets, shower heads, and drainers, that not only enhance the functionality of the bathtub but also align with its quality.

Yes, our commitment to quality is evident in our certifications under CE/SGS/UV/CUPC standards.

What Kind of Bathtub Do You Want to Create?

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